Fresh Pantry Spenser Street DC Coffee

DC Coffee @ Fresh Pantry

Serving exceptional espresso and brewed coffees from the world’s most innovative roasters, prepared by some of the most skilled baristas in Melbourne.

DC Coffee’s approach to specialty coffee is different. They see beyond coffee culture and see coffee as a part of culture. They continue to explore different mediums that bridge the grower to the consumer to deliver the specialty coffee message.

Since 2002 DC has been committed to roasting specialty coffee. Specialty grade coffee is a given from DC! They don’t see this as a point of difference. They see this as a non-negotiable. With this mantra, they have since expanded their operations in Victoria by setting up camp in Melbourne’s newest convenience store – Fresh Pantry.

DC Coffee’s process is built around a complete understanding of every element from cultivation through to extraction and if they don’t understand it they pull it apart until they do. It’s not rocket science – DC Coffee just give coffee an enormous amount of respect that’s why, at Fresh Pantry – you’ll be duly rewarded with your caffeinated experience.